2009 - 伦敦, 英国

More London普华永道


莫尔伦敦滨水区 7 号 (7 More London Riverside) 是莫尔伦敦 (More London) 总体规划中最后也是最大的一座建筑,这座可持续的 10 层建筑将作为普华永道会计师事务所 (PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP) 的新总部。 该建筑采用了一系列节能策略。 除了专为遮护和保温隔热而设计的高性能立面,该建筑还安装了太阳能热水器面板、绿化屋顶和全自动建筑管理和计量系统。 借助冷热电三联供 (CCHP, Combined Cooling Heating & Power) 装置,以较低的碳源提供冷热电三种能源,并且使二氧化碳排放量比 2006 年建筑规程第 L2 部分 (2006 Part L2 Building Regulations) 的规定减少 55%。 该建筑从任何角度看去都清晰可见,没有明显的"正面"或"背面"之分,为了让其成为总体规划中的独特一笔,立面的设计经过了特别考量。 "之"字形立面不仅可为室内提供遮蔽,还能让阳光充分洒进办公楼。 一连串外置百叶窗可巧妙捕捉和投射光线和色彩,令建筑的玻璃立面闪闪发光、充满活力。 为了进一步充分利用阳光、拓宽视野,该建筑的两座对称翼楼向河边敞开,显露出核心位置的开放式圆鼓结构。 借助第 2、5 和 8 层的三座曲线桥将两座翼楼连通起来,同时南立面降为 7 层,避免妨碍沿图雷大街 (Tooley Street) 的建筑的视野。 三层高的内部中庭作为大楼使用者的中央广场,可在这里举办艺术活动,而升降梯和桥梁的布置正是莫尔伦敦滨水区室外生活的真实写照。 乘坐自动扶梯可到达设有客户会议室和娱乐设施的夹层,升降梯可将员工直接从地下一层送到各个办公楼层。 两个天窗为整个空间提供充足的自然光,同时也作为上方圆形景观露台(即若干屋顶花园中的一个)的中心。 除了较低的南立面采用绿化屋顶之外,该建筑还在其他区域使用了粗石屋顶,战时伦敦曾借助这种屋顶吸引鸟儿栖居,但是后来因现代发展所需被取缔。

More London普华永道

伦敦 英国

  • Site + Climate The orientation of the building is responsive to the site, surroundings and climatic conditions. Solar protection and maximising views across the river towards The Tower of London were key to the design of the façade.
  • Form + Massing The form and massing respond to overshadowing issues to the east and west, and are designed to maximise daylight penetration and views from the north. An inner courtyard helps to further maximise daylight penetration across the building floorplate.
  • Passive Design The external shading responds to orientation. A saw-toothed façade helps to maximise views to north and minimise unwanted solar gains from the south.
  • Environmental Systems The fully air conditioned building uses energy efficient HVAC systems and heat recovery. Chilled beams providing cooling in office areas, with fully zoned BMS control for individual comfort control. All lighting is both BMS and daylit controlled.
  • Renewable Energy A biomass trigeneration plant on site, provides the electricity heating and cooling needs of the building and helps reduce the CO2 emissions of the building by 47% compared to Part L.
  • Mobility + Connectivity The building has 235 bike racks and shower facilities for staff. It is part of a wider masterplan that reconnects the riverfront to Tooley Street, and has close by public transport nodes.
  • Materials + Waste To reduce the embodied energy of the building, recycled aggregates were used in all the concrete. A new recycled cardboard flooring system was created with similar properties to a typical raised flooring system, but with a much lower embodied energy.
  • Water Rainwater is harvested on site and used for non-potable water requirements. Water efficient fixtures and fittings are used throughout the building.
  • Land + Ecology The More London masterplan helped to redevelop an inner city brownfield site, with little to no existing ecology. Ground level planting and brown roofs have helped enhance the habitat and protect endangered species on site.
  • Culture + Heritage The More London Masterplan is located in the heart of London, within walking distance from a number of the cities landmarks. The masterplan created sight lines across the development to both Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. 'The Scoop', in front of Plot 7, hosts regular free cultural activities over the course of the year.
  • Wellbeing The constrained site at plot 7 has the busy Tooley Street to the South and is overshadowed by buildings on either side. A high performance façade provides acoustic attenuation from the South, solar shading and visual protection to the East and West, and helps to maximise views North of The Tower of London.
  • Prosperity Formerly a derelict site, the development has helped to revitalise the area, bringing in both more businesses and tourists.
  • Planning for Change Each floorplate is designed for flexibility to ensure that the function and load in each space, can be adapted to future use.
  • Performance in Use The building was the first office in London to achieve a BREEAM Outstanding rating.
  • 预约 2007
  • 结束日期 2009
  • 地区 60,850m²
  • 容量 4,000 building population
  • 可持续性评价 BREEAM - Outstanding
  • 客户 More London Development Ltd
  • 合作建筑师 BDP
  • 结构工程师 Arup
  • 环境工程师 Roger Preston & Partners
  • 景观设计师 Robert Townshend
  • 照明工程师 Speirs + Major
  • RIBA Award
  • LABC Building Excellence, 'Local Authority Building Control Award'
  • BCO Innovation Award
  • Property Week Offices Awards, Best City Development