Stefan Behling

Stefan Behling

Senior Executive Partner Head of Studio Dipl.-Ing Arch, ARB, RIBA

Stefan has pioneered many energy efficient technologies in architecture during his thirty-five years at Foster + Partners. He has a growing body of high-profile work throughout the USA. A passionate advocate for sustainable and integrated design, he leads research activities with the Specialist Modelling Group and the Material Research Centre, working on extra-terrestrial habitats on the Moon and Mars. He has been professor of Integrated Design and Innovative Construction at University of Stuttgart. His publications include Sol Power, The Evolution of Sustainable Architecture.


Stefan Behling is a head of studio and a member of the Design Board at Foster + Partners. He has responsibility for an international portfolio of projects, varying in scale from strategic masterplans to a wide range of educational, commercial, residential, and cultural buildings. He has a diploma in Architecture from the University of Aachen (RWTH) and joined the practice in 1987.

He is a passionate advocate of sustainable design. He leads the research and use of new materials and methods in construction, and established the Material Research Centre (MRC). He is also responsible for the Specialist Modelling Group (SMG) at the practice, a multi-disciplinary, project-driven research team consisting of architects, engineers, mathematicians, building physicists and environment scientists who are experts in all aspects of environmental analysis, computational design, and digital fabrication.

He has worked on a number of projects that have pioneered new techniques for energy efficiency and resource management, including his current projects such as the 12,000 capacity Apple Park, Apple’s Global Headquarters in Cupertino and, since 2012, a portfolio of many of the new Apple flagship stores around the globe. He is also responsible for Apple’s new offices in the Battersea Power Station and Kuwait International Airport, which is one of the largest and most ambitious concrete structures in the world. His recently completed projects include the Maggie’s Centre in Manchester, a place of refuge where people affected by cancer can find emotional and practical support. His current projects include numerous resorts in The Red Sea, such as Shurayrah Island,  Laheq and the Red Sea Airport as well as the new airport in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Some of his earlier projects include the Business Promotion Centre in Duisburg and masterplan for the Diusburg Harbour; The Reichstag Building in Berlin; Commerzbank Headquarters in Frankfurt; McLaren Technology Centre, Woking; City Hall in London; Lenbachhaus, Munich; Free University of Berlin and the carbon-neutral settlement, Masdar City in Abu Dhabi.

From 1995 to 2015 he held the Chair of Professor of Building Construction, Technology and Design at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, teaching integrated design and new construction technology. He has led numerous research projects and has lectured and published widely. His books include Sol Power: The Evolution of Solar Architecture and Sustainable Design and Glass with his wife, Sophia Behling.

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