XYZ Office System,UniFor

XYZ is a flexible office system that creates more agile and tailored workspaces. Designed in collaboration with the Italian office systems manufacturer UniFor, the pared-back, modular system includes a shelving unit (X), lightweight conference table (Y) and an intuitive sit/stand desk (Z), which work individually or as a set.


Timber Shelving Unit (X)

Named after its distinctive x-shaped timber or aluminium post that forms the primary structure, the X Shelving Units can be used to reconfigure any workspace, producing open partitions which allow for clear lines of sight through the space. Workplaces have the option to create more defined and private areas, while maintaining a sense of place and community.

Spring loaded ceiling supports and adjustable feet connections keep the frame stable yet demountable. Shelves are clipped on to concealed fixings and can transfer power to the integrated lighting, without the need for cables. Storage units, acoustic panels, pin and magnetic boards can all be installed into and easily removed from the frames, to meet changing requirements over time.

The shelving system offers short- and longer-term place-making solutions. It is also extremely scalable with a minimalist aesthetic that allows it to blend into domestic spaces as well. The timber shelves bring warmth and tactility to any space while the aluminium version has a clean, contemporary aesthetic.


Table (Y)

The Y Table is a lightweight, reconfigurable table system, designed to use minimum material while offering maximum support. Its Y-shaped, steel legs can be easily reconfigured to allow for different seating arrangements and removed completely for transportation or storage. The legs can also be used to link different tabletops together, creating larger and deeper spans with only a few elements. This gives the table an inherent flexibility that makes it suitable for agile workspaces.

A narrow display shelf can be added along the centre of table, which creates a sense of privacy while maintaining a communal feel. Suspended storage for personal objects, a sheet metal cable trough and wiring are discreetly located under the tabletop.


Desk (Z)

The Z Desk is the result of a collaborative aim to create a sit/stand desk without using electronic actuators or crank handles. With a spring-assisted lift, the height of the desk can be easily adjusted in one frictionless movement.

The desk has a patented spring and cam mechanism, housed within an aluminium frame, which maintains consistent tension to hold the worktop at any height. It can be adjusted quickly and efficiently by gently pulling or pushing the surface. The double-sided frame also accepts a range of materials, from acoustic fabrics to timber veneer.

The Z desk is not tethered by a power cable, meaning it can be moved and reconfigured with ease. Workstations can be placed alongside each other, to create a longer wall through the office, or stand alone for individual working.

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