Thea, Poltrona Frau

Industrial Design

An auditorium chair is a product that has to work as part of a large installation. The alignment and appearance of a number of seats in a row is as much a consideration as the aesthetics of a single chair. From an architectural point of view, the auditorium chair should not dominate the design of the building, instead achieving a balance between a degree of anonymity and an expression of its unique character.

While Thea has a simple geometry, there are a few special details that distinguish it from any other auditorium chair, such as the hidden pivot point, the metal feet and the shape of the rear of the seat. The seat and back are straight so that the width and height can be easily altered. When the chair is not in use and the seat tilts back to a vertical position, it becomes very compact. The rear of the seat is shaped to allow the audience member to stand up and step back, leaving room for others to pass along the row, and its angled surface also has acoustic benefits.

The ground support and fixing system is often a purely functional component, but for Thea the metal feet become a distinctive element. A flat, bent metal base supports the leather padded armrest, allowing air to circulate freely beneath, while allowing easy maintenance and protecting the leather upholstery from damage. A slot at the base of the solid armrest, fixed to the metal feet, supports tolerances. The metal can be powder coated in different colours or chromed according to the requirements of the project. In addition, two different version of armrest are available, straight and angled, for maximum flexibility.

  • Appointment
  • Completion 2010
  • Client Poltrona Frau