The Forestias is a residential-led masterplan, with a large forest at its heart. Situated on the outskirts of Bangkok, it provides a template for future urban living in Thailand. The pioneering development focusses on three primary themes of serving the community, promoting intergenerational co-living and connecting with nature. The idea of re-establishing a positive relationship with the natural world has been brought into sharp focus by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The site is divided into two zones, with the northern areas containing more city level public functions, while the larger southern portion is primarily residential. At the heart of the site, the forest defines the essence of the development – showcasing the relationship between the built and natural environments. Lush greenery surrounds the development, with planted areas that offer a variety of experiences and functions within the forest. As residents and visitors travel through the site, they are surrounded by denser green spaces offering a sense of escape into an urban oasis.

The southern portion of the site contains a number of different housing types, from high-rise to villas, catering to a varied market. It includes three ‘Whizdom’ high-rise condominium buildings that are designed to perfectly suit smaller family units. There are also ‘Mulberry Grove’ low-rise condominiums that bring residents close to nature, as well as ‘Mulberry Grove Villas’ cluster-home residences for extended, multi-generational families who wish to live close together in multiple homes that are easily connected.  Another residential offering is ‘The Aspen Tree’ residences.  These are designed to suit the special needs of older residents, with lifetime care services.  Capping it all are super luxury villas called the ‘Six Senses’ residences.

The blurring of boundaries at neighbourhood level is achieved by visually reducing boundary walls and hedges, to create shared facilities that encourage people to come together as a community. Taking its cues from the lively streets found in the traditional neighbourhoods, the fundamental idea is to create a fractal diagram of buildings and social spaces that can be replicated infinitely.

Amaravati masterplan

Andhra Pradesh, India

Masdar City

2014 - Abu Dhabi, UAE