Nomos Table, Tecno

Industrial Design
I have chosen to express the Nomos frame in an extrovert way, like a bike, with a vivid palette of colours – a strong red, a vibrant yellow, a rich blue and a brilliant white.
Norman Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman

The Nomos Table, developed for Italian furniture manufacturer Tecno, is characterised by its splayed metal legs, angled from a central spine, as if poised for flight. Some critics have suggested references to the lunar landing module; another image is the grasshopper with its slim body and gangly legs. In 1999 Tecno commissioned a new table to mark the Millennium. The rectangular and circular topped versions are established favourites. In the quest for another classic shape, smooth curves were investigated, which encourage better eye contact across its length, making it feel more friendly. Frames are expressed in a vivid palette – red, yellow, blue and white - with other elements in bright chrome. A more classical option has a chrome frame with the secondary elements in black.

This limited edition approach continued in 2013, when to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first collaboration between the practice and Tecno, a new Nomos table was produced for an exhibition in Milan. Exploring the use of contemporary materials to update a design classic, the special edition includes new finishes to the iconic Nomos frame and surface. The square table features black chrome legs and a Delphi marble top, and a circular inset in the corner integrates the practice’s 2011 FLO table light. 


  • 1987 – Premio Compasso d’Oro Award