NF Novantotto, Valli&Valli door furniture

Industrial Design

A door handle can be likened to architecture in miniature: it has to work well but it must also be pleasing to use. In a tactile sense it has to feel good too. One starting point for this project was a medieval door handle in Magdeburg Cathedral, cast in metal in the form of a stylised bird, which sits perfectly in the hand. Another source of inspiration was penknives: the blades with their mechanism can be packaged between grips in a variety of materials.

Combining these ideas, the NF 95 door handle consists of a metal plate, attached to a well-engineered locking system, which is sandwiched between generous grips contoured to the shape of the hand. Available in a range of finishes – metal, plastic, timber, rubber or leather – the handle is comfortable to hold and easy to use. The choice of metal for the spine and the nature of the mouldings determine the handle’s final appearance. This combines the economic benefits of mass production with the flexibility of customising fittings to suit individual projects.