2022 - Japan

Karimoku, NF Collection

Karimoku’s bespoke collection of furniture, the NF Collection, was designed by Norman Foster. It comprises a dining chair, two stools, a lounge chair, a sofa, and a dining table. All sharing the same distinctive smooth and organic design, each item has been manufactured by Karimoku’s state-of-the-art woodworking machines and has been hand-finished meticulously by artisan craftsmen.

The collection is characterised by the flowing lines of the skeletal timber frames and pads of soft Kvadrat fabric.

Dining chair (NF-DC01) – designed through a continuous exploration of form and ergonomics, in search of a balance between the two. The distinctive frame and organic transitions give the dining chair a refined complexity.

Backless stool (NF-BS01) – showcases the soft transition of the NF Collection with its blended timber joints. The stool’s simple composition and proportions are balanced and timeless.

High-back stool (NF-BS02) – designed to provide extra support and comfort while maintaining the distinctive design language of the NF Collection. The stool is characterized by its upholstered back and tapering timber frame which gives its elegant stance.

Lounge chair (NF-LC01) – designed with softness and comfort at its heart. The internal upholstery is inviting and provides overall cushioning. The low seat of the lounge chair together with its soft, rounded upholstery and crafted timber details create a chair that is sophisticated yet friendly.

Sofa (NF-S01) – the distinctive silhouette of the sofa was born out of the lounge chair. However, with its deeper seat, and thicker backrest, the sofa is more generous and luxurious. The expressive timber frame ties the sofa to the NF Collection and expresses the exceptional craftsmanship of Karimoku.

Dining table (NF-DT01) – has a simple silhouette and refined geometry that are characteristic of the NF Collection. The soft corners embrace the language of the NF-DC01, whose sloping armrests tuck neatly into the matching angle on the table’s underside.

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  • Completion 2022