2016 - Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Jabal Omar development

Jabal Omar development is a new luxury hotel and serviced apartments complex in the heart of Makkah. Inspired by traditional Arab architecture, its design reinterprets the traditional dense building clusters, creating a new contemporary vernacular that respects its sacred location. Following the mountainous terrain, its cascading vertical elements form a new topography. The new mixed-use development will create a new gateway along the route to the Grand Mosque for pilgrims from the world over.

The scheme addresses the shortage of accommodation in Makkah in response to the rapid growth in visitor numbers. Occupying a large portion of the site, the orientation of all rooms and apartments maximise and optimise views towards the Holy Kaaba – the main focal point for every visitor.  Generated from the inside-out, its interiors design is an antidote to the lack of identity that typical generic hotel rooms suffer from. Every room has a dedicated space for private prayer and contemplation that provides direct views to the Grand Mosque and Holy Kaaba.

Located on the axis between the new Haramain High-speed Rail Station and the Grand Mosque, the site also forms a key part of the pilgrims’ journey towards the Holy Kaaba. A dramatic pedestrian ramp integrated with the new topography will take the pilgrims through naturally lit spaces, adding to the special experience of visiting the Grand Mosque.

Jabal Omar development

Makkah Saudi Arabia

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  • Appointment 2016
  • Completion 2016
  • Client Jabal Omar development
  • 2017 – International Property Awards - Best New Hotel Construction & Design Arabia
  • 2017 – International Property Awards – Best New Hotel Construction and Design Saudi Arabia