Foster range, Stelton tableware

Industrial Design

Stelton is an innovative Danish design house renowned for its timeless Scandinavian design philosophy. The company has worked with several designers over the decades to produce a wide range of tableware and lifestyle accessories. The new range designed by Norman Foster brings together simple sculptural form and soft geometry, to create exceptionally crafted tableware for a wide range of settings. From wine carafes to espresso cups, each object is a response to its specific function, while embodying a shared language.

The range has an eclectic approach to materiality, tying together the unique characteristics of stainless steel, porcelain and glass through form and sensitive detailing. From an understated, yet refined set of stainless steel tableware, featuring wine goblets, carafe, bowls, and tray for the evening, to a more informal range of porcelain and glass coffee cups, sugar bowl, thermos and water carafe, the objects are designed for a wide range of settings and purposes.

  • Foster range, Stelton tableware