Foster 620, Walter Knoll

Industrial Design

The new Foster 620 seating system symbolises the enduring partnership between Walter Knoll and the practice, which has spanned over a period of two decades. The latest range is a flexible multi-component system that offers a customised sculptural seating solution suited to a variety of different spaces. Its sweeping, curvilinear forms are designed to be welcoming and approachable, a playful contrast to the precise geometry of the earlier 500 series.

Foster 620 comprises of six seating sections that can be interchangeably combined to create different layouts. It features a straight section, a semi-circular end segment, and two types of curved elements – a compact and a lazy curve. The curved segments are designed as two complementary parts which can be laid back-to-back to create inward and outward facing seating arrangements. Each element has a short backrest and a generous seat, which are supported by thin blade-like legs that almost disappear under the seat, as it appears to float effortlessly. Timber tables with pressed leather tops, available in three different diameters – 40, 60, 100 centimetres – complete the ensemble.

The Foster 620 is designed to bring people together in an informal setting for group discussions or as individual seats, and can be part of any lobby, waiting room or lounge space. Its flexibility allows it to become part of a dynamic environment and respond to changing needs of any organisation. It is available in leather or fabric finishes, with the option of built-in USB charging ports to support flexible working.

  • Walter Knoll Foster 620