Foster 550, Louis Poulsen

Industrial Design

Foster 550 is the first in a range of light fittings and the result of an exciting collaboration between Louis Poulsen and Foster + Partners. The light is designed to challenge the idea that using a large number of LEDs must lead to bulky, oversized fittings, surpassing the technical limitations of its components to achieve a discreet lumenaire. Initially designed as a commercial product, it also has potential for residential applications.

The family of objects that comprises the ‘kit of parts’ lighting system is versatile, rising to the challenges presented by both interior and exterior demands to create a seamless transition between the two.

The central aim during the design process was to achieve the right incandescent effects, rather than to visually demonstrate the technology. For this reason, the LED bulbs are discreetly hidden from view. This also allows for the light source to be replaced as future LED improvements are made over time. Pared down to function and elegant form, the lumenaire deals efficiently with the limitations of the technology – the beauty of the design resting with the light source - expressed simply by the transference of light.