Foster 520, Walter Knoll

Industrial Design

The Foster 520 follows a series of successful collaborations with Walter Knoll and is the first in a new family of chairs developed specifically for manufacture, rather than for a particular project. Drawing on both traditional craft techniques and modern production methods, the high-backed leather armchair is designed to suit a variety of office or residential settings.

The armchair is based on three flat patterns, which are cut from leather and stitched together to create a single, flowing piece of furniture with the minimum amount of surfaces. Its form derives from ergonomic studies and a series of prototypes, and the refined linear profile is designed to visually reduce the chair’s bulk. Offering the texture and comfort of a traditional leather armchair, the outer shell is made of tough saddle leather, with a contrasting soft upholstered interior. The two elements are connected by a visible stitch, which follows the line of the chair like the sweep of a hand-drawn sketch. The chair can be specified in a variety of colours, materials and combinations and it comes with a separate foot stool.


  • 2013 - Red Dot Product Design Award, ‘Best of the Best’