The Lumina EVA is a table-top indirect up-light that emerged from earlier design iterations of a dining table lamp for an architectural project. The idea was to create a floating cone of light that emanates a warm glow similar to candlelight.

The entire assembly sits within a glass tube with a round mechanised aluminium base housing a single LED. The LED projects light upwards onto a reflective cone, held flush with the top of the tube by a seamless mitred joint in the glass. The light passes through two lenses – a flat holographic lens and a larger conical lens that mirrors the form of the reflector above, while accurately focusing the light onto it. At eye level the light source is invisible, and the reflector appears to float above, radiating a soft, warm glow.

The lamp is also a tactile object – wrapped around the base is a grooved, free-moving wheel that works as the dimmer, which uses infra-red sensors to achieve precise control over light levels. The lamp – available in anodised Black, Bronze, Brass and Silver finishes – is an exemplar of crafted precision that combines the latest LED technology, with a meticulous understanding of the qualities of light. 

Airline Seating System, Vitra


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