2022 - Hangzhou, China

Euro America Financial City (EFC)

The Euro America Financial City is a new office-led development located in the Central Business District of the Future Sci-Tech City in Hangzhou. The distinctive twin towers form a new gateway to the district, situated close to the Chuangjing Road Station on the Metro Line 5 connecting the EFC to the rest of Hangzhou. To the south of the site is the Xixi National Wetland Park Extension, expanding the rich network of landscaped canals into the heart of the district. The unique combination of offices, hotels, serviced apartments, retail, leisure and residences creates a diverse experience for everyone.

The 49-storey twin towers are joined by a canopy and bridge space spanning across the road between them, allowing free and easy circulation of people between the two towers. At ground level the canopy forms sheltered drop-offs leading to the hotel and office spaces above, and the buildings also offer direct connections to the retail mall and the Metro Line 5 beyond.

The square floorplates with a central service core have been designed for a variety of office layouts with a generous 4.2-metre floor to floor height. Each floor has the option to connect offices vertically via void spaces along the east and west facades. The glazed facades feature high-performance glass to allow natural light deep into the offices, and the towers are made from robust, low-maintenance materials such as stainless steel and natural stone, resulting in a timeless, contemporary aesthetic for the entire development.


Image credit © Zhejiang Jiangong Real Estate Development Group Co. Ltd.

Euro America Financial City (EFC)

Hangzhou China

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  • Appointment 2013
  • Completion 2022
  • Area 200,000m²
  • Height 220m
  • Client Hangzhou Ougang Real Estate Co. Ltd
  • Collaborating Architect Zhejiang Provincial Design Institute (T2), Zhejiang University Design Institute (T6)
  • Landscape Architect AECOM
  • Lighting Engineer BPI
  • 2022 - Asia Pacific Property Awards Architecture - Mixed Use Architecture Zhejiang Provence, China
  • 2022 - International Property Awards - Mixed Use Architecture, Zhejiang Province, China
  • 2022 - CREDAWARD - Award for Excellence - Comprehensive Commercial Project