2014 - Unifor, Italy

Elements Office

Industrial Design

The Element 01 study table was first created as a bespoke piece of furniture for a private residence. It is designed around the principles of concentration and collaboration: the body of the desk is supported by a solid tool box, placing everything within easy reach for individual study, while the curved end supports group working.

The table cantilevers from a solid base, formed by a sliding toolbox containing carved timber trays and storage. Utilising a sliding mechanism originally developed for jewellery shop displays, the trays appear to float when extended. Above the tool box, the surface of the desk can be retracted to reveal a power source. The table tapers towards the edges to appear slim in profile, while ensuring strength and stability. A single leg extends like a column to provide support with minimal visual impact, and allows a group of people to sit comfortably around the end of the table. While the initial prototype is produced in white powder coated aluminium with a white glass top, the table can be specified in a range of materials to suit both a domestic and office setting, including ceramic, glass, aluminium and wood.

The Element 02 desk was conceived to support discussion and group working, reflecting the dynamic, fluid nature of today’s workplace. The circular table comprises two discs – a central pillar containing a power supply and a perimeter ring, which can be elevated to support both standing and seated meetings. Controlled by a lever and smooth internal mechanism, it can rise from 56 centimetres to a little over 1.2 metres. Contrasting with the white study table, the prototype has been manufactured in black powder coated aluminium, finished with black glass and supported by a ring of stainless steel at the base.

The newest additions to the range are Element 03 – a modular table – and Element 04, which is a storage unit. Designed for flexibility in the office space, Element 03 consists of two basic segments – a middle section and a cantilevered end – that can be combined to create a single table of any length. The table’s bridge-like structure is a highly sculptural object with minimal detailing and a high quality finish. The geometry allows the end sections to cantilever an impressive, 1.2m out on either side, while remaining stable and rigid. The entire table is made from aluminium and the sculpted legs taper from a wider section at the top for support to a thin line towards the floor. The table has a satinised glass top that is back painted black, and has an option for bi-directional power access through a customised panel.

Element 04, is a complementary cabinet designed for flexible office storage needs. Made of aluminium, the unit features a specially engineered door mechanism; using minimal force, either shutter can then be arced over in a smooth, fluid motion to open the cabinet.  When closed, the two doors sit flush with each other and are electronically locked. The body has recessed edges on either side, creating a handle. The recess is painted with an accent colour – customisable to match the corporate identity or to reflect different uses. The interior is fully customisable with shelves, drawers and other pull-out surfaces to tailor the cabinet to specific needs, and has integrated movement-sensitive soft lighting. While the prototype is made of black-painted aluminium, Element 04 will be available in a variety of material finishes including glass and timber.

  • Appointment 2012
  • Completion 2014