DOT, Lumina

Industrial Design

The Lumina DOT pendant light began as an idea to create a ‘disc of light’. An assembly of two parallel discs connected by a metal stem, its simple form belies an inherent complexity that pushes the boundaries of existing technology.

The smaller disc – made of machined aluminium – contains a ring of LEDs that bounce the light off the larger spun aluminium reflector disc. Given the high heat produced by LED lamps, its housing would normally need to accommodate a heat-sink to absorb and dissipate the heat, which can be quite bulky. To preserve the minimal form of the lamp, the design uses an innovative heat tube that connects the two discs. This tube contains a fluid that turns to vapour as it absorbs the heat, transferring it efficiently to the heat sink in the reflector. Two separate lenses cover the LEDs – a ring shaped lens that focuses the light accurately onto the entire reflector, and a holographic filter lens that gives it a uniform illumination, avoiding shadows from the stem. The result is a minimal pendant light that gives the appearance of a floating disc of light.

The reflector has a super-matte white finish and is available in four different sizes from 600-millimetres to 1.5-metres, allowing for varying degrees of enclosure and illumination. Showcasing an innovative approach towards lens technology and temperature transfer the lamp is suitable for use as a single pendant or a chandelier cluster, and comes in a range of different finishes – brass, anodised graphite, red oxide and ink blue. 

  • DOT, Lumina pendant light