Cove, Poltrona Frau

Industrial Design

The Cove chair responds to the desire for privacy within busy spaces. Its generously curved form provides ample room for a person to relax or work in comfort, while offering them a sense of seclusion without the need for walls. The design explores the spatiality of personal space, expanding the notion of a simple chair in terms of function and materiality.

It is suitable for a variety of areas including public lounges, receptions, showrooms and has been designed to function as part of a cloud-like cluster of chairs, as well as providing a secluded space to eat, work or relax. The refined materials and minimal aesthetic bring together comfort and practicality to create a unique product.

Its distinctive curved form was the result of studies into the different ways guests adapted the existing lounge furniture. The circular form incorporates a wide, comfortable seat, an integrated USB charging point and an optional mains power supply and a table, which can be used as an informal desk. The ribs of cushion at the back of the chair extend in places to form ridges, which can be used as armrests. The inner and outer surfaces can be customised in a variety of leathers and fabrics.