B&B Italia, Cordoba Chair

Industrial Design

Designed in collaboration with B&B Italia, Cordoba is a chair for lounging in - whether you are reading a book or enjoying a balcony view. Using the structural and tactile attributes of timber, material is elegantly pulled and tensioned around the frame to create an extremely supportive and comfortable seat.

The two components of the wooden frame, which the seat is attached to, can be taken apart and put back together again by B&B Italia. The L-shaped seating element is joined to the arms and legs by four metal spacers. The option to efficiently replace the seat material significantly extends the chair’s lifespan and contributes to a circular economy of repair and reuse.

The light-weight frames are available in natural or black oak and stained timber. They are accompanied by a carefully selected range of leather seating elements.

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  • Completion 2022