Apple Kyoto

Apple Kyoto marks Apple’s arrival with a minimalist, assured presence in the heart of the city. Located on a prominent corner plot along Shijo Dori – the city’s premier shopping district – the two-story store is organised around a soaring atrium towards the rear. On the ground level, the transparent glass façade blurs the boundary between the busy street and the calm interior, inviting people into the store.

The entrance is marked by sliding glass doors that lead onto the central display area, bordered by the Avenue featuring the latest Apple products. The Forum is located at the far end of the store with a large display screen that forms an animated backdrop for the store. A discrete staircase is tucked in behind the screen, leading up to the display areas on the upper floor. Using a lightweight timber frame and special paper, the façade on the upper level is wrapped by a translucent envelope inspired by Japanese lanterns, while also reference to the traditional Japanese houses made from timber and paper.

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