2021 - Istanbul, Turkey

Apple Bagdat Avenue


Located on the bustling Bağdat Avenue in Istanbul, Apple’s newest flagship seeks to create a green pocket in the heart of the city. The standalone building is setback from the busy shopping street, creating a generous tree-lined square that foregrounds the building – a public plaza for the celebration of urban life.

Istanbul is well-known for its hilly terrain. The store appears as a simple single storey volume at the main street level with a floating roof above. The substantial 15.7-foot (4.8-meter) slope across the site allows the store to be spread over two levels, with the lower floor tucked in beneath the main level. A large tree-filled pocket park towards the other end of the store provides a natural sanctuary for visitors to relax under the shaded canopy of trees. The garden is enveloped by a tall green hedge, immersing visitors in its natural environment and adding much-needed greenery to the site.

Internally, the display area on the upper level, flanked by Avenues, connects to the Forum below via a generous flight of stairs. The entire volume overlooks the pocket park through an almost invisible 36-foot (11-meter) glass curtain, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. The interior is bathed in natural light through two large skylights that open to allow natural ventilation. The timber ceiling and travertine cladding on the walls add warmth to the space, complemented by naturally tuned lighting.

The store boasts of a green roof with an integrated rainwater harvesting system and grey water recycling.

  • Appointment 2016
  • Completion 2021
  • Area 1767m²
  • Height 6m
  • Client Apple Inc.
  • 2022 - Prix Versailles - Exterior Shops and Stores