7th April 2021

Foster + Partners collaborates with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise for the AEC industry

Foster + Partners has been working with NVIDIA to test NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, a collaborative platform that breaks down boundaries between 3D design and visualisation by enabling a seamless interface between these two disciplines. The collaboration was part of NVIDIA’s early adopters’ programme for Omniverse over the past two years. NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise makes it possible for designer and visualisation teams — which are often large, diverse in skills and geographically dispersed — to work seamlessly together on complex projects. Rather than requiring in-person meetings or exchanging and iterating on massive files, designers, artists and reviewers can work simultaneously in a virtual world from anywhere, on any device.

Gamma Basra, Partner and Head of Visualisation, Foster + Partners, said: “Due to our long-standing relationship, NVIDIA invited us to test NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, an interface that allows us to expand our real-time collaboration workflow to include the visualisation pipeline. In partnership with NVIDIA, we are helping shape the future of collaboration for the AEC industry.”

Martha Tsigkari, Partner with the Applied Research and Development group at Foster + Partners, added: “This revolutionary platform allows our artists to collaborate on the same scene while working independently on their software of choice. Multiple design changes can be visualised simultaneously in real-time, allowing design options to be reviewed in parallel for faster design cycles. The vast reduction in time previously required for processing models means more time for creative design and visualisation. Integration of futuristic technologies such as machine learning will bring more opportunities to assist the creative process in the future.”

This collaboration is a key part of the practice’s efforts to push the boundaries of innovation and revolutionise the design process through the use of pioneering technologies. Omniverse Enterprise complements bespoke software developed by Foster + Partners that allows for design interoperability between teams, data exchange on demand, facilitate version control and track changes, all in real-time.

The practice will also be delivering an Omniverse online workshop at this year’s NVIDIA GTC entitled ‘Collaboration matters: An end-to-end workflow for the AEC industry’. A team of designers, developers and artists from Foster + Partners will showcase how NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise can help transform a typical design to visualisation pipeline into a real-time collaborative workflow.  The workshop will be available online through GTC21. Registration for the event is free.