How we are addressing the gap.

Foster + Partners has continued to recruit more women than men during 2021 and promoted more women to senior positions as we continue to encourage diversity in architecture. This has had the impact of reducing our median pay gap from 12.8% in 2021 to 10.5% in 2022.

The median figure shows the mid-point for hourly pay for men and women and as more of the latter are in lower paid roles in the practice, the median is lower for women. However, our median pay gap remains well below the industry average of 23.7%.

We are pleased that more of our women are moving into the upper quadrant for pay. The median pay gap has reduced from 12.8% in 2021 to 10.5% in 2022. When we exclude partners, the median pay gap reduces to 1%. The main reason for the gap remains having more longserving male employees in senior higher-paid roles within the practice.

The bonus median pay gap increased from 5% in 2021 to 26% in 2022. This was expected as bonus payments were distorted as part of the ownership restructure as well as no partner distribution payments made in 2021. The closing of the bonus gap is reflected in the reduction of our mean bonus gap from 70% to 59%. When we exclude partners, the median bonus gap reduced from 3% to 0% and the mean gap reduced from 11% to 5%. The mean pay gap continues to be influenced by the number of men in senior higher paid roles within the practice.

It is important to consider that measurements required for Gender Pay Gap reporting do not always give a full picture. Most architectural practices operate as an LLP and, as such, do not include partner data.

For a more accurate comparison we have presented our data including and excluding our partners. We reiterate our commitment to closing the gap by encouraging more women into the practice and developing their careers.

View Foster + Partners Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

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