Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) has selected CannonDesign in association with Foster + Partners to design its new 30+ story Cancer Care Pavilion devoted exclusively to patient care on MSK’s flagship Manhattan campus.

Driven to ultimately find a cure for cancer, MSK is one of the world’s most respected comprehensive centers devoted exclusively to cancer. Cancer remains the second leading cause of death in the United States and the Pavilion will empower MSK to deliver on its mission of revolutionizing the understanding of cancer as a disease and improving the ability to prevent, diagnose, and treat it. This expansion will be designed to address the evolving cancer care needs over the next century.

“Partnering with MSK is an incredibly inspiring opportunity for our team,” said Abbie Clary, Executive Director for the MSK Pavilion design team and co-director of CannonDesign’s global health practice. “From MSK’s remarkably compassionate mission to their leading-edge clinical outcomes, innovation and bold thinking, they are unwavering in their commitment to eradicate cancer for the better of humanity. We are excited to help them create a new home that will expand access for cancer treatment, diagnostics and research for all.”

Nigel Dancey, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners, added: “Today, the healthcare sector is one of the most exciting places to be as an architect and a designer. Healthcare and medical research is at the forefront of innovation, making a real difference to the lives of millions of people. MSK are world-leaders in cancer diagnostics, treatment and research and we are proud to be partnering with them and CannonDesign to create a pioneering medical facility that will be at the forefront of innovation and patient care.”

CannonDesign and Foster + Partners have forged a collaborative team to create a cutting-edge medical facility for MSK. This integrated partnership will define the overall design vision and strategy for the project, with CannonDesign bringing its extensive experience in healthcare to the interior architecture and design along with experience strategies for patients, staff and loved ones, as Foster + Partners leverages its extensive expertise in designing world-class high-rise buildings.

While the project is in its early phases, there are unquestioned outcomes for this project, including:

  • The Pavilion will create incredible human experiences within and beyond the Pavilion walls for patients, their families, and staff. The building will help MSK attract and retain the very best cancer clinicians, researchers, and staff in the world.
  • Located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan on MSK’s flagship campus, the building will respond to the city’s urban density while also engaging its surrounding community.
  • The Pavilion will prove itself a powerful asset in New York City’s collective effort to bolster premier cancer services and the world’s effort to fight and defeat cancer for good.

The dynamism of the MSK Pavilion will allow CannonDesign to bring a wide array of its integrated services spanning design, healthcare planning, health consulting for experience, operations and programming from Blue Cottage of CannonDesign and innovative approaches to modular construction in partnership with CannonDesign’s ModularDesign+. Our design approach fuses diversity, equity, inclusion and social impact, experience strategy, “future of” visioning, programming, architecture, planning, interior design, prefabrication and modular strategy and sustainable design. 

Foster + Partners’ approach to healthcare projects is founded on a belief that the quality of the built environment has a direct relationship with the quality of life. Having recently completed a number of world-class hospitals and medical research facilities in the United States and beyond, the practice will also bring to bear its incredible global design expertise in designing high-rise buildings to the project.

Design for the new 30+ story pavilion is underway. Once complete, the project will prove an incredible asset to MSK, New York City and the global fight against cancer.

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