Plus – a new journal from Foster + Partners – was launched today as a digital-firstpublication on Every month, new articles will be added, showcasing both the in-depth research and the broad array of our interdisciplinary collaboration within the practice and pertinent issues affecting the world around us from independent writers. It provides a forum for non-traditional stories and case studies on the innovation and processes that reinforce the diverse projects in the practice, as well as a platform for industry experts and more. The articles will offer insights into ideas that underpin our work, creating connections between projects and the wider issues that affect the built environment today.

The inaugural features include an exploration of the practices work with metal 3D-printing in A Journey to Digital Manufacture; Structure of Support’ – an in depth discussion on the structural design of Maggies Manchester, examining the close relationship between architecture and engineering, coupled with the vital supporting role the centre plays; and ‘Biophilia in Design’, developing a greater understanding on the importance of this aspect of environmental design. Future articles will explore the development of SandBOX, a conceptual design system created by researchers and analysts at the practice; an anthropological investigation into the importance of public space in Chinese city life; and a study of spatial configuration and staff movement in healthcare.

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