The 2016 RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship has launched and is inviting applications from schools of architecture around the world. A £6,000 grant will be awarded to one student by a panel of judges which includes Lord Foster and the President of the RIBA. 

Lord Foster said:

“As a student I won a prize that allowed me to spend a summer travelling through Europe and to study first hand buildings and cities that I knew only from the pages of books. It was a revelation – liberating and exhilarating in so many ways. Today it is my privilege to fund the RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship, which I hope will have a lasting legacy – offering the chance for discovery and the inspiration for exciting new work – for generations to come.”

RIBA President Jane Duncan said:

“Generously supported by Lord Foster, this scholarship provides a chance for students to engage with architecture, outside of the academic context, in what will no doubt be a rewarding and enlightening experience. I would strongly encourage all students of architecture to apply for this exciting opportunity.”

The deadline for submissions is 22 April 2016. Further details and an application form can be downloaded from the RIBA website


Notes for editors:

First established in 2006, the scholarship is now in its ninth year and is intended to fund international research on a topic related to the survival of our towns and cities, in a location of the student’s choice. Past RIBA Norman Foster Scholars have travelled through the Americas, Europe, Africa, South East Asia, the Middle and the Far East, and Russia.

Proposals for research might include: learning from the past to inform the future; the future of society; the density of settlements; sustainability; the use of resources; the quality of urban life; and transport.

Past recipients of the RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship:

    • 2015: ‘Cycling Megacities’ by Charles Palmer of Sheffield University School of Architecture, which explored how policies, investments and campaigns are transforming urban public space in a bid to make the bicycle a transportation option for all social classes.

    • 2014: ‘Buffer Landscapes 2060’ by Joe Paxton of the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College, London, which investigated some of the measures taken to mitigate the effects of climate change, such as reservoirs, artificial lakes and rivers – and the opportunities that these landscapes offer for habitation, as well as flood protection.

    • 2013: ‘Charles Booth Going Abroad’ by Sigita Burbulyte of Bath School of Architecture, which takes the poverty maps of Victorian social reformer Charles Booth as the starting point for an exploration of slum communities across four continents

    • 2012: ‘Material Economies: recycling practices in informal settlements along African longitude 30ºE’ by Thomas Aquilina, Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, part of the University of Edinburgh, UK

    • 2011: ‘Sanitation’ by Sahil Deshpande, Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai, India

    • 2010: ‘In Search of Cold Spaces – a study of northern public space’ by Andrew Mackintosh, RobertGordonUniversity, Aberdeen, UK

    • 2009: ‘AncestralCities, Ancestral Sustainability’ by Amanda Rivera, University de Bio Bio, Chile

    • 2008: ‘The Role of Public Transport in Shaping Sustainable Humane Habitats: Case Studies Across Three Continents’ by Faizan Jawed Siddiqi, Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai, India

    • 2007: ‘Emerging East: Exploring and Experiencing the Asian Communist City’ by Ben Masterton-Smith, UCL, London, UK

Application enquiries: RIBA Education +44 (0)20 7307 3678

RIBA Press enquiries: Howard Crosskey, RIBA +44 (0)20 7307 3761

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