Taipei’s Songshan Cultural and Creative Park is the latest venue for The Art of Architecture exhibition, a major survey of Foster + Partners’ work. Arranged around the themes of infrastructure, high-rise, urban design, history and culture, the projects on display highlight the incredible diversity of the practice’s work.

The exhibition includes some of the world’s most recognisable buildings and structures, such as the Millau Viaduct in France, the Reichstag in Berlin and London’s Swiss Re headquarters tower. It also introduces new projects in Taiwan, which include a new science museum in Keelung and a residential development in Kaohsiung.

The exhibition also offers visitors a unique insight into the workings of the studio and the integrated design process, in which architects and engineers work together, alongside specialists from many other disciplines, such as interiors, urban designers, environmental analysts and geometry specialists. It also explores the use of different tools – while the computer has revolutionised the way designers work, drawing and model making still play an important role. The exhibition includes original sketches, models and a special exhibit, which follows the entire design process from first client meeting to analysis of the completed building.

The exhibition continues until 24 April 2015 with a full programme of films and tours every day.  Visit the facebook page

With thanks to our sponsors, Sigmu, Goldsun and SECOM

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