A ground breaking ceremony has been held for Taiwan’s new National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (NMMST), attended by the Deputy Minister of Education and the city mayor of Keelung. The largest aquarium in northern Tawian, it will provide an exciting destination for visitors of all ages, attracting both tourists and the local community. Combining innovative tank design with the opportunity to engage with a wide variety of species, the experience for visitors will be unique – the project aims to set a new benchmark for aquariums worldwide.

The sustainable concept is rooted in analysis of the site and the surrounding urban grain, Keelung’s subtropical climate and conservation of marine life. The building is oriented to face Badouzi harbour, while maintaining connectivity between the waterfront and the fishing village to the east of the site. Conceived as a social hub for the community, the museum’s focal point will be a new public plaza at the heart of the Aquarium – many of the facilities, such as the shop, cafe and restaurant, will be open and full of activity seven days a week. In addition, special displays devoted to the conservation of local species of squid aim to foster an understanding of its importance in the everyday life and culture of Keelung.

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