Lord Foster is to give a lecture entitled ‘Connections: Light and Views’ as part of Cleveland Clinic’s Ideas for Tomorrow programme, an ongoing speaker series that provides a forum for the world’s most distinguished thinkers and personalities. The talk will take place today at 5pm in the Bank of America Conference Center at the InterContinental Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio.

The lecture will discuss the relationship between architecture and wellbeing, exploring how the use of sunlight and natural ventilation can make a hospital more restful, can help to reassure passengers in an airport, and create more energy efficient and uplifting places to live and work. Drawing on examples including the British Museum in London, CircleBath hospital and the transformation of the Reichstag, the New German Parliament in Berlin, Lord Foster will examine the benefits of connecting the interior of a building with the outside world, and how this understanding has informed the practice’s current work for Apple’s new campus in Cupertino and the Cleveland Clinic.

More information on the series

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