‘The Art of Architecture’: Foster + Partners: will be staged at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, from 27 September 2014 to 18 January 2015. This touring exhibition is the first survey of the work of Foster + Partners, the internationally renowned architectural practice led by Norman Foster, in Taiwan. Arranged around the themes of infrastructure, high-rise, urban design, history and culture the works on display highlight the incredible diversity of the practice’s work.

The exhibition includes some of the world’s most recognisable buildings and structures, such as the Millau Viaduct in France, the Reichstag in Berlin and London’s Swiss Re headquarters tower. It also introduces new projects in Taiwan, which include a new science museum in Keelung and a residential development in Kaohsiung.

The exhibition offers visitors a unique insight into the workings of the studio and the integrated design process, in which architects and engineers work together, alongside specialists from many other disciplines, such as interiors, urban designers, environmental analysts and geometry specialists. It also explores the use of different tools – while the computer has revolutionised the way designers work, drawing and model making still play an important role. The exhibition includes original sketches, models and a special exhibit, which follows the entire design process from first client meeting to analysis of the completed building.

“Sustainability has always been a central theme of our work. We believe that the best architecture comes from finding a balance between old and new, whether that means retrofitting existing cities or creating sustainable new communities,” said David Nelson, Senior Partner and Head of Design, Foster + Partners. “The projects on display demonstrate how the international scope of our work has widened over the past forty years. But regardless of the changing nature of architectural practice, the same set of values underpins every design, in spite of its size or type. Everything is driven by the same pursuit of quality,” added David. “The exhibition explores how the different teams in our studio work together – and how, when it comes to design and innovation, this integrated thinking sets Foster + Partners apart.”


Notes to editors:

About Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

The Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts was founded as a museum of the history of fine arts. Priority has been given to acquiring important works in the history of Taiwanese art development. There are currently more than 2,700 works in the museum’s permanent collection. The museum presents three permanent exhibitions on the themes of sculpture, Chinese calligraphy, and the art development in Kaohsiung respectively, in which most works on view are from the museum’s collection. Over the past several years the museum has also established its position as a comprehensive fine arts museum, and continues to introduce a diversity of art exhibitions, meeting the needs of the people of Southern Taiwan to appreciate all forms of art, both ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign. Special exhibits are held in cooperation with museums and cultural organizations abroad, as well as those in Taiwan and mainland China. Monographic exhibitions which focus on special topics, the museum’s collections, or the development of art in Kaohsiung are also organized every year. In addition, the museum encourages and solicits exhibitions which contribute to artistic creativity and criticism.



About Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners, one of the most innovative architectural practices in the world today, led by Founder and Chairman Norman Foster, is based in London with project offices worldwide. Over the past four decades the practice has pioneered a sustainable approach to architecture and ecology through a strikingly wide range of work, from urban masterplans, public infrastructure, airports, civic and cultural buildings, offices and workplaces to private houses and product design. The studio has established an international reputation with buildings such as the world’s largest airport terminal at Beijing, Swiss Re’s London Headquarters, Hearst Headquarters in New York, Millau Viaduct in France, the German Parliament in the Reichstag, Berlin, The Great Court at London’s British Museum, Headquarters’ for HSBC in Hong Kong and London, and Commerzbank Headquarters in Frankfurt. The practice has received over 675 awards for excellence and won over 120 national and international competitions since its inception in 1967. Its campus in London has the highest concentration of professional architects working for a single practice anywhere in the world.


  • The exhibition features more than 80 architectural models, from early projects such as the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts of 1978 to the Lunar Habitation project of 2013 and the latest designs for the Keelung Science Museum in Taiwan. In addition there are numerous concept sketches by Norman Foster.


Exhibition team

Foster + Partners

Spencer de Grey

Katy Harris

Philip Morris

Neil Vandersteen 

Ryan Trimmer

Sarah Simpkin



Iris Sie

Fangling Tseng

Peini Hsieh





Molteni & C




Walter Knoll

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