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Press opening Thursday 18 June 2009, 10-12am.

The exhibition is financed by Realdania.

For four decades, the internationally recognised practice, Foster + Partners, has created architectural landmarks worldwide from masterplans, airports, cultural institutions and office buildings to private housing and product design.

The new exhibition Foster + Partners: Working with History at the Danish Architecture Centre, focuses on Foster + Partners treatment of historic structures and connections, which often require a sensitive approach when working with buildings and environments that have a strong sense of history.

With text and images, the exhibition provides the audience with an insight into 18 international projects, among others, the Reichstag in Berlin, British Museum in London and Smithsonian Institution in USA in addition to the Danish projects which include the non-realised but very debated design concept for a Hotel in Tivoli Gardens, and last but not least the Elephant House in Copenhagen Zoo that opened last year.

The common denominator for most of the projects is the Foster + Partners signature the large glazed domes that pay respect to existing buildings and surroundings while adding a significant and innovative expression to the architecture.

Danish projects by Foster + Partners:
With Foster + Partners Elephant House, Copenhagen Zoo has climbed into the architectural league. The house is partly buried into the ground and has two glazed domes that ensure a bright and friendly environment for both elephants and audience. The visual relationship between the elephant area and the park has been opened and the relation to the park has been restored.

The Danish landscaping architects SLA can also be found in the exhibition, as they have designed the surrounding landscape of the Elephant House.

Also experience

In connection with the exhibition a podwalk about the Elephant House will be produced. Download the file from
Over the course of the summer there will be a childrens workshop and professional events.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Foster + Partners and the Danish Architecture Centre.

For more information, contact:
Line Juul Greisen at the DAC
T +45 22 13 24 70

Buildings with complex histories are like cities in miniature. The richness of so many cities stems from the fact that successive generations had the confidence to make their own optimistic stamp. Similarly, the layers of history in a building can often be appreciated more clearly when seen through the lens of the new.
Norman Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman

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