The Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company developer of the Masdar Initiative - presents the World Future Energy Summit on January 21 23. As part of Abu Dhabis bid to embrace renewable and sustainable energy technologies, the summit will be a platform for open engagement in the search for solutions to energy security, climate change and sustainable human development.

Bringing together some of the worlds leading thinkers and activists, Norman Fosters keynote address, which closes the conference, will outline a holistic vision for the 21st century sustainable city. Focusing on issues relating to infrastructure, buildings, mobility, energy and carbon neutrality, he will reveal designs for the Masdar project the worlds first carbon neutral, zero waste city.


The Masdar Initiative has provided Foster + Partners with the opportunity to realise on a large scale - many of the issues relating to architecture and sustainability that have been driving us since as early as the 1970s. We feel privileged to be working with a visionary client to push boundaries, question assumptions and think about new ways that we might live in the future. The World Future Energy Summit will be both an ideas forum as well as a glimpse of things to come. I am very excited to present our work at this inspiring and important event.
Norman Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman

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