Foster + Partners has identified an increasing demand for internal specialist knowledge in construction coordination to match the recent expansion of the practice. A new Construction Review Group will be introduced to coordinate construction expertise across the six design groups, complementing the work of the Management Group.

The Group will be responsible for assessing the whole-building lifecycle through design, construction, sustainability, performance &maintenance. This is a vital new element of the practice and essential to the further expansion into new markets and new countries around the world. The Group will develop a wider range of international and regionally relevant construction specifications to support the Design Groups as they expand.

Senior Partner Paul Kalkhoven, who has been with the practice for 22 years and is currently leader of Group Four, will be moving to a new role as head of the new Construction Review Group. Paul moves to his new post in September 2007.

Paul has a wealth of experience built up over the years which started with his role as coordination architect for Stansted Airport, the first time computer design was implemented in the practice. Subsequently he has worked on several high-profile projects in Germany such as Essens Design Centre, various buildings in Duisburg and Commerzbank in Frankfurt. He is currently involved in a wide range of projects in the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia and elsewhere.

Stefan has been with the practice for 20 years and is a specialist on ecology, sustainability and energy conservation. He leads research and development for sustainability and new materials for the practice and is a continuing member of the Design Board. He has contributed to the practices most energy efficient buildings such as the Reichstag and the Free University in Berlin, City Hall, McLaren Technology Centre and several projects in Duisburg.

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