Foster + Partners have designed a number of new additions to the 20-06 product range for Emeco, the Aluminium Chair Company. The range now includes a stool, a café table, an upholstered chair and a version with arms. 20-06 recalls Emecos classic 10-06 Navy ® Chair the all-aluminium icon first made for submarines in WWII, while expressing a refined structure and modern inference. Both 20-06 and the classic 10-06 have an estimated 150-year lifespan.

The sleek new chairs, stools and tables feature an ultra-slim, all-aluminium frame, tempered for strength and hand made at the historic Hanover Pennsylvania factory using Emecos proprietary 77 Step Process. The ergonomically shaped aluminium seat and back are hand welded, resulting in a minimal, seamless appearance. 20-06 is super-strong, yet uses 15% less aluminium than the original Navy ® Chair. Of that metal, 80% is recycled aluminium, qualifying as an environmentally sound product. The lightweight chairs will stack 10-15 high and retail for US$ 385 the same as the 10-06 Navy ® Chair. Bar and counter stools will sell for around $ 400. 20-06 passes BIFMA requirements and is guaranteed for life.

20-06 was launched at Milans 2007 Salone Internazionale del Mobile on April 18th

I appreciate the anonymous character of the new chair it meshes seamlessly with our vision for interior space. The new 20-06 is the result of a genuine collaboration between the Foster Studio and the Emeco Team and will contribute to Emeco's remarkable history.
Norman Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman

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