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Foster + Partners Corby Academy officially starts on site today. Specialising in Business and Enterprise, the building will be sited in the centre of the new Priors Hall urban development within a mix of work, retail and residential accommodation and will replace Corby Community College which is currently located elsewhere in Corby. Forming one side of a new urban square, the 1250 pupil Academy, including 250 in the sixth form, will be the focus for a new community, encouraging interaction and social supervision.

The Academy is organised around five double-height study spaces which house the five teaching faculties; These spaces are lit via skylights and the individual classrooms have glazed walls onto this central space, providing transparency and daylight. A fully glazed façade at the end gives views to the external landscaped areas.  The first floor class rooms open onto a generous walkway which overlooks the study space. Faculty offices are located at the first floor entrance to provide optimum visibility and control of the circulation and study spaces. The Academys compact arrangement produces a highly energy-efficient building.
Corby Community College makes special provision for approximately 70 students with a range of disabilities and wherever possible these are included in the general teaching areas. In addition, the designated special provision (DSP) for these students comprises a blend of discreet and integrated teaching arrangements, including a hydrotherapy pool.

At the centre of the building a double-height spine forms the main circulation route from the student entrance to the north and the Academy Square entrance to the south. This is the main hub of the building and includes a café and IT helpdesk as well as relaxed seating areas. It links the faculties and the sports facilities at one end and the main hall, dining area and library at the other. The Gateway facilities in the central area of the Academy will manage the link between the Academy, local businesses, FE providers and partnerships with other schools and is an important link between the outside and inside worlds of work and learning.

The entrance from Academy Square allows for the main hall to be accessed for theatre events out of hours.  A generous canopy provides a sheltered focal point to the new Square. The sports facilities on the northern end of the building can also be made available to the wider community out of hours, including the four-court badminton hall and the extensive external sports pitches.

The Sponsors for the Corby Academy are Brooke Weston CTC, the Weston Foundation and Bee Bee Developments, on whose Priors Hall development the Academy is located. The project is due to complete in the summer of 2008.

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