Norman Foster: Space and Time

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

25 April - 2 July, 2006

'Norman Foster: Space and Time' is a major new exhibition on the work of Foster and Partners which opens today at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow. The exhibition explores key themes in the work of the practice, encompassing a diverse range of international projects over a number of years. The themes are historic and cultural buildings, towers, sustainability and infrastructure.

Historic and cultural buildings include the Carre d'Art Nîmes, the Great Court at the British Museum, the Berlin Reichstag, New Holland Island in St Petersburg and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Showing a concern for physical context and a sensitivity to the culture and climate of place, this body of work fuses the celebration of existing structures with contemporary interventions. In addition, the Sage Gateshead - now one of Tyneside's great social spaces and a state-of-the-art performance venue - illustrates the urban regeneration potential of a successful new building for culture.

The second theme focuses on tall buildings and presents Foster and Partners continuing redefinition of the nature of towers and the way in which they can respond to the context and the spirit of their cities. Equally important is the ecological programme, demonstrated by natural systems of lighting and ventilation as well as energy saving strategies in buildings like Commerzbank, 30 St Mary Axe and the Hearst Headquarters. The recent design for Moscow City Tower reveals the sophisticated structural, functional, environmental and urban logic that underlies this green super-high tower.

Environmental awareness is an integral part of the practice's culture as it evolves to meet the challenges of the next forty years, and the third theme of sustainability is central to Foster and Partners' design methodology. Most notably, the exhibition illustrates a range of innovative techniques used to meet the energy challenges of projects such as Eurogate, Chesa Futura, and London's City Hall.

Over the past four decades, Foster and Partners' quest for excellence has embraced not only architecture but also infrastructure - the connections and spaces between buildings - and this fourth theme is explored through a number of projects including Dresden Station, Stansted and Beijing Airports, the Millennium Bridge and Millau Viaduct.

Finally, a selection of Lord Foster's personal sketches and a presentation of photos from a recent book, Reflections, published in 2006, will also be displayed.

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