The New Dolder Grand Hotel was officially topped out today. The placement of the highest beam was celebrated in a traditional Swiss ceremony attended by the entire workforce. Foster and Partners radical restructuring and restoration of the Dolder Grand Hotel will return it to its former glory and establish it as one of the most prestigious in the world.

The original Dolder Grand Hotel, built at the end of the nineteenth century, was Europes premier hotel for nearly a hundred years. After repeated refurbishment programs and alterations, it began to require more substantial remodelling. Foster and Partners scheme will inject renewed grandeur to the New Dolder Grand, reinstating its unrivalled reign over the international luxury hospitality industry. With its dramatic views of Zurich and private parkland setting in the Zurichberg forest, the hotel will once again become an imposing landmark for the city.

The strategy restores much of the original logic to the building, re-establishing circulation routes and the old south entrance, with its spectacular panoramic views. In addition, two uncompromisingly modern wings will compliment the historic building, incorporating luxury suites, penthouse suites with roof terraces, and a lavish spa. The new wings can either be accessed via the original Steinhalle, grand staircase or via new connecting passageways. The synthesis of the historic fabric of the building and the contemporary intervention is articulated by the sensitive relationship of the scheme with the surrounding landscape. The organic curving form of the new East and West wings wraps around the site with a lively interplay between old and new.

The New Grand Dolder Hotel will open in 2007

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