Lord Foster was presented with the inaugural World Solar Prize 2005 by the International Solar Agency during yesterdays 15th Swiss Solar Prize Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland. The prize recognises Fosters longstanding championing of environmental issues in the built environment. The award citation praised Fosters holistic approach to design, which considers the use of sustainable strategies to radically reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. This is a goal that every Foster project aims for - regardless of scale or complexity. The prize jury was assembled from a number of pre-eminent international experts, academics, and scholars in the field, including: Dr. Wolfgang Palz of the International Solar Agency; Dr. Leon R. Glicksman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Dr. Martin Green, New South Wales University; Dr. Anne-Grete Hestnes, Norwegian University of Science &Technology; and Alain Liebard, Ecole d'architecture de Paris-La villette.


I am honoured to accept the World Solar Prize, which stresses the importance of sustainability and solar energy in architecture. Crucially, the prize not only considers the environmental performance of buildings, but also looks at the essential problem of how sustainable technologies can be an integral part of good architectural design and practice.
Norman Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman

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