Norman Foster has been awarded the Prince Philip Designers Prize for 2004. Presented by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, the annual Prize recognises lifetime achievement in design for business and society. Aministered by the Design Council, the Prize is unique in recognising a designers entire career, rather than a single piece of work. Nominees and judges are selected by their peers, who are represented through several professional bodies including the Design Museum, the Royal College of Art, the Chartered Society of Designers, the RIBA and Royal Designers for Industry.


The other six nominees were: the typographer Matthew Carter; the furniture designer Robin Day (designer of the classic Polyprop stackable chair); the industrial designer Ross Lovegrove; the structural engineer Stephen Morley; and the design consultants Paul Priestman and Nigel Goode, co-founders of the agency Priestman Goode. The 2004 Prince Philip Designers Prize was presented at an event hosted by the Design Council, an organisation devoted to promoting the role of design in the United Kingdom.

I am absolutely delighted for my colleagues, myself and the cause of good design to receive this prestigious award. The Prince Philip Prize is a recognition of the importance of design in its impact on all of our lives, whether at the scale of the city, a building or a product.
Norman Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman

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