Today Foster + Partners presented their proposal for the redevelopment of the Boavista district of Lisbon.

Lisbon is one of the worlds great cities with a rich cultural history and world class public spaces. The masterplan for Boavista shows ideas to continue this tradition and rejuvenate the district with a new quarter that promotes the worlds of design and the arts.

The site is located between the civic spaces of the Largo De Santos and the Parco Dom Luis, intersected with pedestrian and vehicular routes. The Foster design for the first stage proposes a new complex that mixes spaces for living and working with culture and leisure. This project could be a catalyst to promote the importance of design nationally as well as encouraging closer ties with industry. The neighbouring design school and a recent proliferation of design related stores already complement the proposals.

Extensive research studies on urban density have led to a combination of open public space enclosed by medium rise buildings and a signature residential tower. The development brief will explore the potential of spaces for galleries, studios, showrooms, exhibition, performances, cinema, auditorium, cafes, shops, bars and restaurants. The public outdoor spaces will provide a setting for contemporary sculpture and street theatre. In scale and dimensions the combination of square and tower has parallels with the Campanile and Piazza of S. Marco in Venice.

This is the first stage of an incremental phased development and in the longer term the proposals have the potential to re-connect the city to the Rio Tejo even extending into the river as a new marina.

As the design develops it will encourage concepts of sustainability and energy saving exploring the potential for bore hole cooling, external shading and alternative energy sources such as wind turbines.

The proposals presented today to the Mayor and Municipality of Lisbon will help to expedite the regeneration of the Boavista district into a new destination and a lively New Quarter of the city for local residents and visitors alike.

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Katy Harris

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