Over the last month Foster and Partners has continued design studies of the World Trade Center proposals and is now able to release more detailed information about the phased construction sequence.

Planning studies demonstrate how Foster and Partners Twinned Tower can be constructed and occupied in phases, tailored to the needs of the market place.

New Yorks skyline has historically been shaped by the heroic urge to build tall. Ultimately, the tallest, safest, most socially and ecologically progressive building in the world can become part of its skyline.

Two development strategies were considered in detail:

1. The two towers are built simultaneously. The structure is built first and the floor plates follow, allowing lower floors to be occupied whilst upper floors are still being fitted out. The structures will culminate in a new windows on the world restaurant and observation deck at the top.

2. One tower is built ahead of the other to minimise the disturbance of overhead construction. The structure of the second tower will be completed while the first is occupied.

We have shown that reassembling the skyline a process that may take many years - is achievable in a realistic and cohesive manner to reflect the phased regeneration of the whole of Lower Manhattan.

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Katy Harris

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