23rd August 2023

#Architecturefromhome is back!

Over the summer break we will be sharing architectural activities for children of all ages to enjoy at home during the summer holidays.

This will include drawing, painting and craft activities to keep them entertained - for at least a few hours! 

We’re hoping that you’ll enjoy making them as much as we have.

Create your own city

Each week we will release a template to create a new building for your city. By the end of the summer holidays your city masterplan will be complete! If you can, print in A3 for the best result.

Week 1: Use the template to create your own Hospital. Colour it and add some detailing to make it extra special.

Week 2: Use the template to create your own Bank. Make sure you fill it with gold!

Week 3: Use the template to create your own Tower. Reach for the sky!

Week 4: Use the template to create your own School. Don't worry, the summer holidays aren't over yet!

Week 5: Use the template to create your own House. Use your imagination to design your dream home!

Week 6: Use the template to create your own Library. Where even the tiniest readers become mighty bookworms!

Foster + Partners Activity Book

Filled with dot-to-dot puzzles and delightful colouring pages, this book introduces young minds to the world of architecture through the lens of Foster + Partners' iconic designs.

Archi-tective in London

Get ready to uncover Foster + Partners’ amazing buildings, spot iconic London landmarks, icons, and meet famous figures on our London Adventure Map. Grab your explorer gear and let the adventure begin!

Abstract Painting

Get ready to unleash your creativity! Join us in this exciting video tutorial where we willll show you how to use everyday materials from around the house to make something extraordinary.

Constructing a den

Have you ever thought about creating your own special space? A den is like a personal hideout where you can think, read or just chill. So, let's explore the world of den building together and see what amazing spaces we can create!

Combination Game

How about drawing the future architect and the most fantastical skyscraper ever designed! This is so much fun and the whole family can play.

Building Bridges

Have you ever wondered how a bridge is built? How a long bridge can support so much weight? Our engineers have just the solution for you – read on and build your very own bridge!

We’d love to see your creations come to life. Please share on social media using #architecturefromhome and tag Foster + Partners.