The principles of sustainable design have always been integral to the work of the practice. The Sustainability Group acts as a catalyst, finding ways to advance our sustainable design processes and offer thought leadership. The group develops sustainability strategies for projects in conjunction with the design teams. Our approach is holistic, working to nurture innovation and enabling every project to meet the highest possible performance standards.

Sustainability Network
We have several Sustainability Champions throughout the practice who contribute to knowledge-sharing and development. They are responsible for leading sustainability practice, initiatives and training within their teams. This network is the key means by which we actively evolve and shape our approach.

Responsibility Framework
The Sustainability Group employs the Foster + Partners Responsibility Framework (FRF) across all projects. The framework measures sustainability performance and captures and shares key data as evidence. This ensures that progress across all projects can be tracked, audited and reported. Information for the FRF is provided by Sustainability Assessors within the project teams.

This framework covers ten important themes:

  • Wellbeing
  • Community impact
  • Energy and carbon
  • Mobility and connectivity
  • Materials and waste
  • Water
  • Land and ecology
  • Prosperity
  • Planning for change
  • Feedback

Sustainability Reviews
The group reviews all projects from the outset and throughout their lifecycle. The initial conversations align client values with sustainable outcomes and setting a balanced and holistic approach to the ten FRF themes. Working with the project teams, we explore different sustainable approaches – the opportunities they bring and risks they avoid – and recommend core values, showing how they may be integrated within the overall design intent.

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