Central to our ethos is an appetite for enquiry, discovery and understanding. By maintaining a commitment to research – one of our great strengths as a practice – we are not only up-to-date with new developments and techniques, but are also able to thoroughly evaluate their relevance and technical performance for individual projects. Our research groups Applied Research and Development and Specialist Modelling Group help design teams answer these challenges in the spirit of innovation.

  • Applied Research and Development

    To solve complex design challenges, bringing the latest advances out of the lab and into the hands of architects and engineers, the ARD team conducts state-of-the-art research and development at the practice. The team provides expertise in computational design, performance analysis, optimisation, fabrication and interaction design. Read more here

  • Specialist Modelling Group

    SMG focusses on three core areas, Geometry and Building Physics and Innovation. The Geometry team works on complex geometrical modelling and fabrication strategies. The Building Physics team looks at the movement of natural light, air and sound, while focussing on occupant comfort. The Innovation projects include collaborative research with universities and industry partners, exploring far-reaching ideas from bio-inspired engineering to extra-planetary 3D printing.

Our Research and Insights