With our three in-house workshops, we construct presentation models, sketch models and mock-ups of all styles, sizes and scales. Speed, combined with an ability to quickly interpret a brief, is paramount in providing a reactive service. We maintain an up-to-date knowledge of all modelmaking activities, from techniques and styles to innovative new technology. This is in parallel to maintaining and developing our traditional handcraft skills. Our deep understanding of the latest industry developments is vital to our success and our ability to develop as a team.

Our workshops are fully equipped with an array of digital and traditional machinery. Due to the growing demand for model innovation, our workshop spaces have grown with our creativity to incorporate larger workshop facilities, allowing us to expand our team, fabricate large-scale mock-ups and create large presentation and competition models.  


  • Modelmaking has always played a central role in communicating and exploring design solutions for the practice. The modelshop is at the heart of the main studio and the team play an active role in developing design and technical solutions for a variety of projects.
    Neil Vandersteen, Senior Partner, Head of Modelmaking
  • Neil Vandersteen and Olivia Laughton
  • Stewarts Road workshop
  • Sketch modelshop

    Our established facility allows architects to make models, developing and exploring design solutions for internal and external reviews. Our trained technicians are on hand to support and guide throughout the modelling process, offering training on our suite of laser cutters and hot wire cutters. They provide a sheet material cutting service, a vacuum forming facility and a digital cutting service.

  • Rapid prototyping

    Rapid prototyping has now become integral within the design process, providing teams with a comprehensive reactive service. We have embraced this technology for over twenty years, having acquired the practice’s first 3D printer in 2004. This technology has now become a very quick method of producing concept, design development and Design Board review models, as well as components for professional models.

  • CAD support

    Our CAD Support team rapidly organise, simplify and manipulate complex information to support our teams, streamlining the flow of clean data. They are trained in a multitude of emerging software to remain at the forefront of innovation.  

  • CNC machining

    Our CNC machinists play a crucial role in delivering components to design studios and modelmaking teams. Having these manufacturing resources on site allows us to be reactive to a fluid design process and create machine quality components. Our equipment includes a suite of high precision CNC machines, including a pioneering robotic arm.