Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering group was conceived by the fundamental belief that environmental systems must be conceptualised in harmony with the architecture to support sustainable development. There are many aspects to the team’s work including: MEPF engineering; Sustainable environmental design and analysis; Architectural lighting design; Vertical and horizontal transportation; Sustainable environmental masterplanning; Infrastructure engineering.

  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Firefighting engineering

    We design integrated active building systems that focus on resource efficiency, environmental quality and resilience. Global experience coupled with rigorous analysis underpins our ability to specify systems which respond to the local context, the climate and the needs of our clients. By developing advanced design tools and selectively adopting new technologies we maintain a constant commitment to innovation.

  • Sustainable environmental design and analysis

    We work closely with the design teams to develop bespoke sustainable strategies to improve the environmental performance, from the scale of detailed building studies to conceptual masterplans. These strategies address resource consumption and environmental impacts along with the comfort, productivity, health and wellbeing. We carry out detailed analysis, using state-of-the-art analytical software and tools that have been developed in-house. These ensure integration of highest performance strategies and their continual refinement and performance benchmarking.

  • Architectural lighting design

    Lighting design enhances and transforms spaces. Our team of specialists includes creative designers, analysts and technologists who use cutting edge lighting technologies to develop customised luminaires and bespoke solutions.

  • Vertical and horizontal transportation

    We provide a comprehensive design and engineering service for vertical and horizontal transportation systems within buildings incorporating elevators, escalators and moving walkways. Our capability is backed by extensive experience of international best practice.

  • Sustainable environmental masterplanning

    We provide detailed contextual analysis and benchmarking that inform the sustainable visions for large-scale masterplans. Our designs aim to reduce consumption of resources and enhance the healthy and productive life of our urban areas. We work closely with our in-house urban design teams to create bespoke, ambitious and environmentally responsive masterplans. Our services ranges through climatic analysis to resource flows.

  • Utility infrastructure strategy

    We provide utility infrastructure strategy for low-consumption, efficient, innovative and bespoke solutions for power, water, drainage and district thermal networks. Our strategies explore onsite renewable energy, centralised systems and large-scale water treatment as fundamental to the delivery of successful masterplans.

Our Research and Insights