Design Support

The way that we approach a project is highly personalised. Design is typically undertaken by a small, close-knit team of individuals, yet this team is able to draw on the wide range of skills that only a practice of our size can offer. In developing and communicating a design concept, the practice is complemented by a wide range of other disciplines including, communications, graphics, visualisation, film, model making, and 3D computer modelling.

  • Design Communications

    The Design Communications group helps design teams visualise projects, producing a wide range of work, from hand-drawn sketches, drawings, digital concept art paintings to photorealistic artwork.

  • Modelmaking

    The modelmaking team assist the teams throughout the design process, creating everything from sketch models to large-scale building mock-ups, using a wide range of tools from traditional techniques and styles to innovative new technology.

  • Visualisation and Film

    The Visualisation and Film group produces architectural visualisations, animations, motion graphics and films for the practice for use at concept stages, construction, marketing and final presentations.