Design Communications

Design Communications are responsible for the visual representation and production of visual artwork for all projects from sketch through to photorealistic imagery. Whilst assisting in the design process the team continue to push the boundaries of the industry – creating and designing the unbuilt reality through relationships with the environment and a strong focus on storytelling.

  • An overview of Design Communications

  • Initial design sketch animation

  • Research and site photography

    The pin-up wall is the core of our creative process; it’s where we gather references from movies, paintings, architecture, food, traditions, all in the same place.
    Working on a project having all these images by our side enables us to bring the right mood and emotions to our Artwork.
    Location specific photo shoots allow us to understand places and the life within, so that we can tell accurate stories within our images. This means we are able understand how a site makes us feel.

  • Storyboarding and hand drawn art

    Our work starts with the story telling process, rapid sketches are produced from conversation then imagination and can often inform the design process. People are always the protagonists within our work and are always treated as key compositional elements.
    Drawing forms the basis to all of our work, for the right project and at the right time, hand drawings are the quickest and most powerful presentation tool. They allow us to quickly illustrate space whilst demonstrating that we are still in the process of designing. These are often constructed from imagination or basic concept design.

  • Concept art

    Concept artwork combines hand drawn and painted artwork with digital software. Exploring basic relationships between massing, space and people rapidly through composition, atmosphere and storytelling. Evoking the emotion of what it feels like to be in a space.

  • Photoreal art

    We use 3DS Max to model, texture and render entire environments 3-Dimensionally combining photorealism with a carefully selected atmosphere. We time travel to the future and create stories to show how people will connect with the materials of the space and have an emotional sensory experience.