2020 - Mexico City, Mexico

Reforma 432

Located on Paseo de La Reforma, the main cultural and commercial axis through Mexico City, Reforma 432 is a mixed-use, 54-storey tower, with high quality office accommodation above four levels of shops, cafes and restaurants. The building occupies the last remaining site on the junction between Paseo de La Reforma and Avenida Sevilla, facing the monumental La Diana fountain, a local landmark.

The 264-metre-high tower is designed to meet high environmental performance standards, as well as complex seismic and functional criteria. The core is offset from the rectilinear plan – a strategy that was developed in response to the L-shaped site. By placing the core in the narrower portion of the land, the remaining area is released to create a large, open floor plate, maximising flexibility for both retail and office planning, as well as increasing the perimeter for views and light. Double-decker lifts are incorporated to aid efficient circulation.

The retail component of the tower is expressed as a series of terraces, some of which are enclosed, while others are open, allowing natural ventilation throughout the year. Where the building touches the ground, the design fuses a range of different spatial requirements, including a bank branch, entrance to both retail and office spaces, and car park drop off, in a legible, unified street frontage. Open and transparent at ground level, the tower’s base is conceived as an extension of the urban realm, giving something back to the city.

Reforma 432

Mexico City Mexico

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  • Adjudicación 2014
  • Finalización 2020
  • Superficie 111,312m²
  • Altura 246m
  • Capacidad 8,000
  • Cliente Abilia Inmobiliaria
  • Colaborar Arquitecto VF&O
  • Ingeniero estructural WSP, Ditec
  • Ingeniero ambiental Cosentini, Sagmac
  • Arquitecto Paisajista DLC
  • Ingeniero de iluminación Claude Engle
  • Consultores adicionales Turner Construction