Asistencia en el diseño

The way that we approach a project is highly personalised. Design is typically undertaken by a small, close-knit team of individuals, yet this team is able to draw on the wide range of skills that only a practice of our size can offer. In developing and communicating a design concept, the practice is complemented by a wide range of other disciplines including, communications, graphics, visualisation, film, model making, and 3D computer modelling.

  • Design Communications

    The Design Communications group helps design teams visualise projects, producing a wide range of work, from hand-drawn sketches, drawings, digital concept art paintings to photorealistic artwork.

  • Modelmaking

    The modelmaking team assist the teams throughout the design process, creating everything from sketch models to large-scale building mock-ups, using a wide range of tools from traditional techniques and styles to innovative new technology.

  • Visualisation and Film

    The Environmental Engineering team designs efficient building systems that reduce energy and water consumption, enhance user comfort and ensure indoor environmental quality. There are many aspects to the team’s work including: Mechanical Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Public Health; Fire Protection; Vertical Transportation; Architectural Lighting Design; Building Physics and Sustainability.